Presenter Bio: Seth Pisczcuk – Adelaide University Wing Chun Kung Fu Club/Full Circle Wing Chun

Starting Wing Chun at the Adelaide Academy of Sifu Jim’s school in 2003, he enjoyed a broad mix of instructors, many who will be with us this year, and who each imparted different aspects of the art. Seth was lucky enough to soon become a full-time practitioner for many years under Jim Fung, eventually instructing.

“All my energy, my passion, my love, became focused on Wing Chun. I think this is what enabled me to take it on quite quickly. As it wasn’t a hobby anymore, it was my life.”

After Jim Fung’s passing in 2007 Seth would eventually run his own classes, Full Circle Wing Chun, and continue as an instructor at the Adelaide University Wing Chun Kung Fu Club. Seth officially become the head instructor there in 2011 and teaches there to this day. Seth is a co-founder of the AWCF and a frequent contributor as a presenter, committee member, and conference organiser.

Although firmly and primarily a Wing Chun practitioner, Seth cites healthy interactions with other martial arts groups, and is an accredited official for the International Sport Kickboxing Association, regularly judging Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA events in Adelaide. His students have been quite successful at the inaugural South Australian Kung Fu Wushu Championships earlier this year, particularly in the combative sanda events.


Sunday 11:00am Seth Piszczuk – Using Good Wing Chun in Competition

Sanda/SanShou (Free Fists/Hands) was developed as a safe way for Chinese Kung Fu systems to compare skills and provide a competition outlet for arts that are not traditionally sporting. This workshop will explore how to maintain the core ideas of our Wing Chun in positions and restrictions outside of conventional posture. Striking from alternative guard positions and some introductions to ring-craft and tactics especially for competition.


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