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Australian Wing Chun Federation Conference 2018 Schedule

Victor Harbor     5th – 8th October



12:00am Doors Open

You don’t really know someone until you roll with them, and there is no better way to warm up to a long weekend of training.

4:00pm Tea

5:30pm Tony Blencowe – Making Sense of the Forms

Lindy Scott and Tony Blencowe have been training Wing Chun since the eighties, and are respected internationally as senior leaders and exponents of the art. This first workshop, with Tony, will look at approaches to making sense of the forms in terms of application and building your fighting skills as you move through the system from Siu Lim Tau through to the weapons.

7:00pm Dinner and a Presentation.

Richard Antonini – Looking at the Mind/Brain in Relation to Movement

A presentation on Wing Chun in the mind. This presentation will discuss how mind and body interact in training movement patterns. The mapping of the brain may reveal a possible relationship between the Nim Tau and Wing Chun movements. Some details can be discerned or theorised on just how the brain maybe be involved in the very act of Wing Chun.


7:00am Breakfast

8:00am Forms on the Beach

Weather permitting, join in a quick run through empty hands forms and warmups on the beach.

8:30am Lindy Scott –Striking as a Feedback Mechanism

How to use the various ways of striking as a feedback mechanism to create the ideal state to improve your mastery of Wing Chun and some thoughts on striking in relation to the knives.

10:00am Morning Tea

11:00am Tony Psaila – Stay the Same and Do Nothing

One of the interesting aspects of our system is the idea that creating the correct state means that we really don’t have to do very much if anything at all.  But what does ‘doing nothing’ really mean and how does staying in the same state facilitate this? Food for thought.

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Gary King – Chum Kiu and Application

Over the last thirty years Gary’s approach has changed and evolved, however he still places great emphasis on improving overall body awareness and structure. This is integral to learning how to correctly execute movement. Toward a balance between the art, the fighting, and the health aspects of Wing Chun, this workshop looks at applying some fighting skills learnt from practicing the Chum Kiu form.

4:00pm Afternoon Tea

5:00pm David Somers – TCM Elements and How to Keep the Body Balanced

David studied Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China and accredited in Australia, running multiple clinics in Brisbane. David had a degenerative spinal condition that has been dramatically improved by TCM methods as well as posture analysis concurrent with Chu Shong Tin’s methods. This has yielded results that western medicine can’t replicate and has been recognized by the world health organisation as a legitimate remedial process.

6:00pm Dinner



7:00am Breakfast

8:00am Forms on the Beach

9:00am Richard Antonini – Relating Siu Nim Tau in the use of the Long Pole.

The long pole forces the practitioner to experience extremes in leverage, un-centered weight, and requires significant discipline and guidance to train with at all. Richard will present a workshop approaching the pole through a continuation of concepts developed in Siu Nim Tau form.

10:00am Morning Tea

11:00am Seth Piszczuk – Using Good Wing Chun in Competition

Sanda/SanShou (Free Fists/Hands) was developed as a safe way for Chinese Kung Fu systems to compare skills and provide a competition outlet for arts that are not traditionally sporting. This workshop will explore how to maintain the core ideas of our Wing Chun in positions and restrictions outside of conventional posture. Striking from alternative guard positions and some introductions to ring-craft and tactics especially for competition.

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Albert Chong

Albert is among Sifu Jim Fung’s original student group, training and teaching since Wing Chun first became known in Australia. Widely respected throughout Australia and in Hong Kong, Albert’s regular travel has underpinned ties between the two geographically distant communities. This is a rare chance to train with and gain insight from one of the most experienced and good-natured Wing Chun practitioners in the country.

4:00pm Afternoon Tea

5:00pm Grading Presentations

A presentation from the AWCF committee for recent successful gradings, and a presentation over-viewing the grading system, some suggestions on implementation, who it’s for, how it works, and what it means.

6:00pm Australian Wing Chun Federation Annual General Meeting 2018

The AGM for the AWCF occurs each year at the AWCF conference.

7:00pm Dinner and a Presentation.

Panel Discussions – The Enigmatic Wooden Dummy

The Mook Yan Jong (wooden man) serves as an icon for Wing Chun, a best friend for those isolated from their clubs and instructors, a challenge for students and instructors alike, and a strange mystery for many. This panel will discuss and compare differing approaches and outcomes that are possible through practise with the dummy, along with some discussions and best practices for approaching this iconic wooden man as a newcomer or senior exponent. We will also the draw the winner of the AWCF-Original Wooden Dummy Competition!


7:00am Breakfast

8:00am Forms on the Beach

9:00am Ana Sequeira – Finding a connection

Ana trained in Classical Yang Style (Shaolin) Kung Fu for several years in Portugal until moving to Australia in 2009. Upon arriving in Adelaide in 2009 she started training at Jim Fung’s Wing Chun Academy under various instructors, including Albert Chong, Seth Piszczuk, Gary King and Tony Psaila. This workshop will focus on her unique solutions to finding the correct mind body connection.

10:00am Morning Tea

11:00am Lindy Scott – Chi Sau Wind Down

Guided Chi Sau exercises and free time with presenters to help consolidate some of the new skills and drills that have arisen during the conference.

12:00am AWCF – Question Time and Closing

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