Presenter Bio: Dave Somers – Xiong Mao Wing Chun Academy

Dave has been exposed to Brazillian jiu jitsu, karate, aikido, muay thai, western boxing and has retired from a 15 year security career. For the last 10 of those, he found CST Wing Chun for himself with a Jim Fung lineage school at the Sunshine Coast Wing Chun Academy. Now, as the owner and head instructor at Xiong Mao Wing Chun Academy, he has been conducting full time classes for Adults and Children since 2013.

He enjoys training daily, traveling to Hong Kong and China once or twice per year for Wing Chun training, but also pursuing studies in traditional Chinese medicine. Dave runs multiple TCM clinics in Brisbane and will soon finish a degree in health science and acupuncture here in Australia.

The two studies are quite complimentary, given Dave has been recovering from a very serious back injury, gained from a nasty car accident, that has benefited beyond all expectations from the therapy of studying both Wing Chun and TCM.

Dave Somers is currently, among all these things, also Chair of our AWCF committee. His guidance and input into the community, and this conference, is as significant as you might expect, but I anticipate Dave will be a consistent contributor to the AWCF community into the future as well.


Saturday 5:00pm: David Somers – TCM Elements and How to Keep the Body Balanced

David studied Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China and accredited in Australia, running multiple clinics in Brisbane. David had a degenerative spinal condition that has been dramatically improved by TCM methods as well as posture analysis concurrent with Chu Shong Tin’s methods.

This has yielded results that western medicine can’t replicate and has been recognized by the world health organisation as a legitimate remedial process.


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