What a conference!

What a great conference. As I drove back into town, I felt a heavy feeling (not just because my car was soooo full). I just didn't want to leave yet! First of all, thank you to everyone who participated, in any way. I found so many new and unexpected friends this year, growing my sense... Continue Reading →

AWCF Conference 2018 Attendee’s F.A.Q.

Hi guys, Just a few sleeps left until we can loose ourselves in Wing Chun for an entire 'long weekend' once again. I have had a few questions come up recently that I thought I would answer here for others to reference: 1. Can I just rock up and pay cash on the day? Sorry,... Continue Reading →


A brief mention about the AGM this year, which will be held at the conference on Sunday evening. Full members will be receiving official announcements via email shortly. The committee has decided to share the chair's report here. Please pass any questions you have to your Sifu or Instructor (Full member) or their delegate to... Continue Reading →

What to bring?

Getting Ready for the Conference? I hope you have your ticket organised, because they are only on sale till the 24th (11 days from today). You can’t pay late or in cash or on the day, as there won’t be any catering booked for you. Don't miss out! It is exciting that in three weeks... Continue Reading →

Registrations Close 24th of September

Hi Chunners and Wingers. This is an important announcement. The last day to register for the 2018 AWCF Conference is the 24th of September. If there is any stock left on the ticketing system, that is it, final, finite, kaput. I hope you can understand that we can't accept cash on the day, registration without... Continue Reading →

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