Presenter Bio: Tony Psaila – Adelaide Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

In 1981 at the age of 19 Tony discovered Sifu Jim Fung's school in the Adelaide CBD. Tony was fortunate enough to take private lessons under Sifu Jim Fung early on in his training and then continued his training under the guidance of Sifu Jim Fung's longest standing student Albert Chong whom Tony maintains a... Continue Reading →

Presenter Bio: Lindy Scott & Tony Blencowe – Adelaide Wing Chun Kuen

Lindy Scott and Tony Blencowe have been training in Chu Shong Tin’s Wing Chun since 1983 and made regular visits to train with Chu Shong Tin in person on a regular basis. Since 2003 they have had their own school, Adelaide Wing Chun Kuen, and now are both recognised as being among the most experienced... Continue Reading →

Tips For Group Discounts

The AWCF is a funny thing, in that it is a community of communities... Cuddly, eh? But if you want the group discount, first you need to rally up a group. So it definitely helps numbers when you guys are sharing these conference posts around, but hopefully it can help you too. If your school... Continue Reading →

Registrations are Open!

Great news! The registrations for the AWCF Conference 2018 are finally open. the ticket prices are shown here. Plus, if you follow the instructions very carefully, schools/clubs/groups can register together for discounts and, if there are enough of you, to get dibs on a cabin to share together. There are only 8 cabins, men's and... Continue Reading →

  Does your school need a wooden dummy? Maybe a second? Great! Original Wooden Dummy has been developing their product for our Wing Chun in close consultation with AWCF member schools and instructors, and they are going to bring and GIVE AWAY one to a participating school/club at the AWCFC 2018! Every single Gold or... Continue Reading →

Tshirt! Also imminent announcements.

Nothing quite like a new Wing Chun themed t-shirt, and this one comes with your ticket. But that's not all! The committee and I have been working our collective butts off to get the final details polished and out to you regarding the schedule and the ticketing. I can't say much in this very post,... Continue Reading →

A New Website!

Our 2018 conference has its own website! Here, all the most up to date information will be published as early as possible. You can also fill out a form to 'propose a presentation' to be considered by the committee, register to attend (when registrations are available), and read general info about the AWCF, CST Wing... Continue Reading →

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