What a conference!

What a great conference.

As I drove back into town, I felt a heavy feeling (not just because my car was soooo full). I just didn’t want to leave yet!

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated, in any way. I found so many new and unexpected friends this year, growing my sense of this big ol’ family, and who is in it. I hope all of you who attended noticed something similar as we trained relentlessly into the early hours each night.

Secondly, extra thank you to the committee, presenters, volunteers, and venue staff who helped make everything run its course smoothly. I have personally received many thank-yous for the conference (appreciated!), but it really is a team effort and the team really was tight!

Already we have announced that the conference next year will be at the Gold Coast. I have put up a suggestion box on the website to help collect your thoughts and hopes for next year, and I have started to add some of the happy snaps people took. The website will eventually become archived for future reference with a wordpress address once the official domain name runs out in some month’s time.

Finally, a massive congratulations to the many people who were recognised with new grades this year. Some of them were very high levels, and I really am very happy to see the grading system fully functioning right across the spectrum as it should. So many years of persistence and discipline really do need to be recognised and celebrated, and the conference is the perfect time and place.

See you all next year at the Gold-Coast!





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