AWCF Conference 2018 Attendee’s F.A.Q.

Hi guys,

Just a few sleeps left until we can loose ourselves in Wing Chun for an entire ‘long weekend’ once again. I have had a few questions come up recently that I thought I would answer here for others to reference:

1. Can I just rock up and pay cash on the day?

Sorry, no, you need to have booked.

2. Can I book now?

Sorry, no, we had to submit numbers for accommodation and catering on the 24th of September, so we closed registrations then.

3. What is the accommodation like?

It’s eight self contained cabins with four bunk beds in each. The beds have linen provided (but bring your own towel and teddy). It’s no five-start hotel, but it’s definitely comfortable and convenient. Where possible, schools and groups have been assigned the same cabin (with a cabin just for the ladies).

4. Will there be food for vegetarians?

Our caterers are happy to provide food for any dietary requirements with warning. If you have allergies or significant dietary requirements, and you didn’t put them on your registration form, please contact us ASAP via the website so we can pass your info to the caterers.

5. I bought a Bronze, Silver, or Gold ticket, so what does this include?

A bronze ticket is kind of like a day pass. You can attend all the sessions for any single day you choose, and will enjoy tea breaks, lunch, and dinner with the group for that day. You can also attend Friday as as a bonus.

Gold and Silver tickets can attend the entire conference, eat all meals (including a hot breakfast).

Gold tickets will be accommodated at the venue (and even get supper before bed).

6. What should I bring?

For starters, your usual luggage. clothes, toiletries etc. Sunscreen, hat, and water bottle might be useful. You might even throw in something to swim in a the beach if that takes your fancy and the weather is fine. Intelligent footwear.

The sessions this year will require some equipment, such as focus mitts, boxing gloves (not MMA style), bart jarm do (8 cutting knives),  and  long poles. We will provide as many of these items as we can hustle up, but if you can bring your own that will be very appreciated. Try not to get into a debacle with airport security in the process…

7. Is there any likelihood of injury?

Martial arts in general is statistically safer than a lot of contact sports like football or basket ball. Further, our lineage has an strong focus on technique. All of our activities are being run by the most experienced and sensible practitioners in the country, who all know that people study Wing Chun for many reasons beyond fighting applications. Even the most unconditioned or frail individuals can anticipate a safe experience. There are even a few senior first-aiders kicking about amongst us 😉

8. How do I get there?

If you are flying into Adelaide, I recommend jumping on the AWCF facebook group and asking for a ride from Adelaide to Victor Harbor with a local. Otherwise you can find a range of train/bus services. LinkSA runs a bus service form Adelaide to Victor Harbor everyday, and a range of buses that go there from the southern rail line at Seaford. I recommend you plan ahead 🙂




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