What to bring?

Getting Ready for the Conference?

I hope you have your ticket organised, because they are only on sale till the 24th (11 days from today). You can’t pay late or in cash or on the day, as there won’t be any catering booked for you. Don’t miss out!

It is exciting that in three weeks (and a day) the conference will begin! I am really looking forward to seeing old mates and meeting some new people to have a roll with. As we have to plan logistics for three dummies (including the one we are giving away), I thought I’d talk about what gear you might like to bring.

If you are able to bring some training gear, I’d recommend:

  • Your bart jarm do -8 cut knives (for Lindy’s session on Saturday). Metal is fine, and wood, or plastic is fine if you are limited by flying. Don’t put them in your carry on luggage!
  • Focus pad (for many sessions). Useful for many things, all abstractly involving focus.
  • Boxing style gloves (for Seth’s session on Sunday). Any size/quality of boxing glove is fine but the small/MMA style gloves without bulky padding are not relevant for this session, despite looking cooler.
  • Long poles (for Richard’s session on Sunday). Tapered oak poles are very nice, but I have a pine pole from Bunnings and that will do.

I really do recommend putting initials on such items. I am sure those flying in and unable to bring their own might appreciate some extras. I’ll make sure there are as many spares as is possible, but help is welcome.

Pretty exciting!

More info soon!



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