Presenter Bio: Gary King & Ana Sequeira – Wing Chun Path

Gary and Ana have a school located in Perth, Wing Chun Path, initially opened in 2015. Gary began teaching at his own school in Adelaide, like many instructors, for the first time in Adelaide in 2011 after the sad passing of Jim Fung. Gary is among the founder members of the Australian Wing Chun Federation, and has been one of the most prolific and consistent contributors to the AWCF since.

Gary discovered Wing Chun in 1986, training under Graham Kuerschner, Albert Chong and Tony Blencowe, and was ‘lucky enough’ to attend the earliest of Chu Shong Tin’s visits and seminars in the Eighties, which caused a significant change in direction for Australian Wing Chun in general (You might notice these early visits by Chu Shong Tin are prominent in many senior exponent’s biographies).

Unlike Gary, who initially came to martial arts through karate and judo, Ana trained in the classical Yang style (Shaolin) kung fu in Portugal until moving to Australia in 2009 and discovering Wing Chun there.

Their consistently enlightening but down-to-earth approach to Kung Fu is, in my opinion, exemplary for approaching an art that is at times abstract but also grounded in effectiveness. I sincerely hope everyone has an opportunity to become more familiar with and learn from Gary and Ana’s significant collective experiences this year at Victor Harbor.


Saturday 2:00pm Gary King – Chum Kiu and Application

Over the last thirty years Gary’s approach has changed and evolved, however he still places great emphasis on improving overall body awareness and structure. This is integral to learning how to correctly execute movement. Toward a balance between the art, the fighting, and the health aspects of Wing Chun, this workshop looks at applying some fighting skills learnt from practising the Chum Kiu form.

Monday 9:00am Ana Sequeira – Finding a connection

Ana trained in Classical Yang Style (Shaolin) Kung Fu for several years in Portugal until moving to Australia in 2009. Upon arriving in Adelaide in 2009 she started training at Jim Fung’s Wing Chun Academy under various instructors, including Albert Chong, Seth Piszczuk, Gary King and Tony Psaila. This workshop will focus on her unique solutions to finding the correct mind body connection.


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